Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring (Hair) Things I'm Noticing

Spring (Hair) Things I'm Noticing

I hardly try to keep up with every trend anymore, but I do look at a whole lot of fashion. So when something is becoming A Thing, I want to share it with you! Here are two things that I'm noticing happening for spring style. Take them--or leave them--as you like! I love them. 

Center Parts for All Hair Lengths

Center parts for long hair have gone in and out of style, but I've seen a lot of them lately for shorter hair, too. What I think works about this length with a center part is having enough volume just to the side of the part. 

Then again...

Flat Hair Ruled New York Fashion Week in 2015!

The main thing I noticed from pictures from NYFW and also the Oscars is how flat all the hair was looking! (The first thing I noticed about the models with said flat hair was how painfully skinny they all are). From hair that's down and flat to hair that's slicked back, it was everywhere. And I say "YIP YIP YIPPEEEEE!" to that because my hair is naturally flat. Maybe this is my hour to be on trend with it? Indulge me, will you?

This we can do!
I find these photos liberating because they look a lot like my hair looks naturally. I also love the images I'm seeing because they (finally) give me some ideas of how to wear my hair. I'm aware of how interesting a statement that is as a caucasian woman, but there are few times when I've recognized my own hair in images. It's a nice feeling! 

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  1. Oh brother. I'm in hair is anything but flat...i could do big hair lol. Oh well I'm not much of a trend follower. :)