Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Clothing Swap Sneak Peek

Clothing Swap Sneak Peek

On Friday, I'll be sharing 5 tips to hosting a clothing swap, but I wanted to share this adorable picture from the clothing swap that I helped a client friend host at her home last weekend!

My thoughts before hosting a clothing swap are always: hoping people bring enough clothing, feeling relieved to have the emotional weight off my shoulders as I bring clothing to swap (or donate), too, excitement to meet new potential friends and clients, worry that someone will feel left out of sizing or style, interest in what people will bring

This swap was no different! I'm so touched to have been asked to come help out, and I loved some of the conversations I had. We had a beautiful conversation about embracing our bodies now and as they are instead of waiting until a day that may never come. I found the references to what our significant others think about our bodies (very positive!) such an interesting contrast to the remarks made about ourselves (much less positive). Maybe we have something to learn from those around us?

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