Sunday, March 22, 2015

Winter: Shake It Off

Winter: Shake It Off

In advance of picking out your clothes for Monday (and hopefully for the week!), I wanted to say this. When I woke up on Friday, the first day of spring, I walked out my back door to this. Snow, gloom, and grayness. Was I back home in Vermont? Back to my law school days in Chicago? I've had many dreary first days of spring, but this one hit me particularly hard. I wanted to go back to bed until it was warm and sunny! 

Then I stopped stomping my feet and looked around a little bit. There, nestled under an inch of snow, were the first green shoots of my mother's bulbs! And if I got over my self pity, I heard birds chirping. And the trees had little buds! There was life beyond my sinus infection and the snow, and I was going to go find it! 

Here are some of my favorite ways for us all to wear spring all week. Maybe Mother Nature will know we support her efforts! 

This gorgeous dress above is on pre-order and is only one of the many incredible styles from this happy line of dresses. It's not cheap, but I hear the quality is worth it. I love the bold colors, especially styled with bold accessories like the shoes and bags here. For my pregnant readers, this could be a great line to invest in earlier in pregnancy and wear for a long time. The descriptions claim that the fabric bounces back really well after stretching out. 

Ok, I can't show just one. Look at the gorgeous retro neck on this one! And that high waistline is perfect. I wonder if the giraffe comes with it...

Next up are some Toms I could really get behind. I recently discovered the Dr Scholl's hidden arch supports, and I feel like I can wear normal shoes again! Even flat ones like Tom's! 

I also love these bright sneakers! Wouldn't they look gorgeous with a bold dress, like the ones above? These huaraches are not as bright, but they're very trend this year, and this is a good pair to wear with jeans, maxi dresses, or anything that feels even slightly boho. What about with ripped jeans and this eyelet peplum top?

Switching back to a retro fit, I can't stop looking at this gorgeous dress. It comes in sizes 2-18, and I think it's that rare yellow that actually looks good on lots of skin tones. In general, I find LL Bean's dresses this season to be well made and very work appropriate. 

Top it with a straw hat for a spring wedding (they're all over Target now, too), and you'll be all set! 

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