Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Shopping at Old Navy

Spring Faux Shopping at Old Navy

The other day I went faux shopping for you all at Old Navy while I had some time at the mall before meeting up with friends for dinner and a movie. Mary wrote me and asked if I would consider going to Old Navy and taking some pictures for her of things that I like there right now. Of course I would! I found some really cute things that I wanted to share with you! Let's see what you think.

First, this jean jacket. It's comparable to the jean jacket that my husband got for me two years ago from Anthropologie, which means that it's stretchy without feeling flabby, it has great detailing and dark color, and it's fitted. 

I liked it with a few of the spring dresses they had (or anything light that you already own) for an outfit to wear now and then switch up later in the warmer months. This particular dress had a modern pattern and a flattering length for us shorter women. Sometimes maxi dresses are just too long!

You could even layer a cardigan (like this red pop of color) underneath if it's still chilly at night where you live, like it is here in Northern Virginia.

I also really like the idea of this jean jacket over a shorter dress, like this. See how the jacket feels a little tough and the dress feels soft and feminine? I love that difference. I also love how the sleeves can roll up on this stretchy denim jacket!

Speaking of jackets, I also really liked this military jacket. It's very similar to the Jcrew one of a couple years ago (although that one was waxed), but I think the cinched in waist is actually more flattering. The Jcrew also had HUGE pockets. I love the high neck of this Old Navy version, and it has gold buttons like the original one did. 

Ok, now on to dresses! Old Navy had a bunch of striped options, which are my weakness! The one above (and below) is a stretchy shift dress, which I think is the most flexible of all dress styles. I love a shift over a button down, for example. And no, they don't both have to be long sleeved.

This same style works really well with a sleeveless dress, too, and makes sleeveless dresses wearable even in the cooler months.

 And last but not least, this coral number. It is not my style, really, but I wanted to show you all an option with longer sleeves and a more full skirt. I think this would be gorgeous on many of you!

That's all! Thanks for the request, Mary, and keep them coming! 


  1. I LOVE that coral dress on you! Please buy it. I think you look great in it. I also really loved the stripey dress and khaki jacket combo. That coral dress is worth investigating UK shipping...

    1. AWww! Thanks, Victoria! I'm glad that I'm not the only shopping enabler on here! Hehe.