Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cup of Jo's 9 Spring Fashion Trends: Where to Find Them

Cup of Jo's 9 Spring Fashion Trends: Where to Find Them

Earlier this week, Joanna of Cup of Jo posted 9 spring fashion trends (will you wear them?). It got me thinking about where you'd find them at different price points and how you might make them your own. I'll be addressing each trend in the coming weeks. First up, flared jeans.

Joanna has a couple of suggestions from Nordstrom for $135 and $255.  If you want to spend that much on a trend, go for it. However, I'd suggest something a little different: when trying a trend, even if you've worn it before (in the 70s or 90s for this one), don't try it out in the most expensive version possible. That way, if it doesn't become a staple for you, you haven't overspent. I used to try the cheapest version, and that can also backfire. It might become something you really like, but now you have to buy twice since the quality isn't good enough.

Here are some less expensive ways to try out the flare trend (again).

Since they're so flattering on many body types (the very short woman is one possible exception) given their ability to balance out hips, they can work in dark washes or light. I especially love flares in high waisted version, whether you tuck in a shirt or keep the high waisted secret to yourself.

Try Asos Curve, Kohls (below), or Forever 21 (above) and a lighter wash here for curve sizing.

H&M (below) should always be a thought when you're trying on a trend, and they're on the flares train, too, this season.

Lucky Brand has a skinnier leg with a kicky little flare. So does Asos (below). I love their styling with a simple gray t-shirt. Joanna suggests that all you need to try out flared jeans is 'a striped shirt and braid,' but they can go more edgy than that.

If you're not feeling the dark wash, try Macy's version. Want a low rise? You might go cheaper that route since it's not quite on trend and try Forever 21.

Nordstrom Rack is running out of sizes for their flares (below), but I like the look of this one, especially if styled with spring's slouchier button down, which would be a little baggier than this one.

Next up for Joanna? Maxi dresses. Tune in next time!

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