Friday, April 10, 2015

Easy Work Outfit Template

Easy Work Outfit Template

I was reminded of my client, Debbi, the other day because of this snapshot I took of her. 

The outfit that I put her in here was a revelation for her, and I think it's such a simple template that many of you could follow, too. Here's the formula for an easy template that you can wear with endless combinations:

Neutral Pants that Fit You Well + Tshirt + Lighter Neutral Blazer

That's it! It could be tan pants, wide leg pants, skinner pants, jeans, a graphic tee or something with a pattern. It could be dark pants and a jean jacket. Grab whatever you've got in your closet that fits into each category, then lay them all out on your bed. Mix and match until you find something that speaks to your heart.

If your office is as cold as mine is, a tshirt can be in a lighter color and feel more like spring, but a long sleeved one can help keep you warm!

Extra points for adding bright lipstick or an accessory!

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