Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fresh Spring Fashion

Fresh Spring Fashion

It's pretty rare for me to see something in fashion that takes my breath away. Today on Instagram was one of those rare moments. I gasped. Of course high fashion and runway often make me pause, but this gasp was different from the kind of tilting my head to the side and going "Hmmm..." This was more like WOW! LOOK AT THAT! THAT'S NEW! AND WEARABLE!

The reason was this shot from Essentiel-Antwerp.

Not only did I want that top, I wanted it for many of my clients and friends. I love the shape and the color, and I love it styled with those shorts! I was giddy, knowing that the website would have even more clothing like this. My only worry--would they ship to the US?

They do! Through a third party so not cheaply, but they do! And the goodness just kept coming. This shirt looks cut similarly, and I love the boxiness of it with shorts for spring and summer!

Hello, lover. I have seen the idea of a "short suit" created from two bold, matching pieces before, and I love it. I love this particular pattern, and I'd like to see women of all ages embrace the idea of buying double of a great pattern. I bet you'll find options for tops and bottoms this season at H&M and other "fast fashion" spots, too! And if you're not into the bold and bold look, they can remind you how absolutely stunning bold pants can be with a neutral shirt.

And you'll see neoprene dresses in lots of stores, too, so make a note of how to style one casually like they did here!

They don't just do casual inspiration well, either. I love their looks to inspire us all for dressing for the office for spring. For example, I love this slouchy, boyish shirt with this full, floral skirt. Sign me up! I know I can re-create this at home!

And you know how much I love stripes with florals. It's the gateway to pattern mixing because it always works. Every time.

They're styling a lot of sandals that are very trendy right now: Birks, thick soled sandals, and wedges. But, I love their take on these wedges because it makes me want to paint a bright line on the bottom of my cork soled shoes!

Looking for standout wedge sneakers instead? They've got those, too. 

So lessons learned from this post would be: take a second look at shorts that you have and try wearing them in a different way this spring. Try a boxy shirt. Try a pattern that contrasts. Or try wearing a shirt or jacket in the same exact print.

Also, try a boxier shirt with a feminine skirt to work. Extra points for pattern mixing!

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