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Reader Q&A: What Should I Wear on a Date?

Reader Q&A: What Should I Wear on a Date? 

Thanks to Molly for sending in a question about ideas for a date for plus sized figures. I loved answering this question because there are so many gorgeous options out there! Molly described not finding anything that felt special, but I think i've found some great choices!

Embrace Color. I find that many of my clients of all sizes tend to shy away from color on a date, but I really recommend that you consider wearing a bold color, especially if you wear plus sizes. Why? You've got the curves and shape to really make an impact, and a date is the perfect place to show them off! Plus, a bold color is confident and happy, which are two things I'd love to see walk through the door on a date, wouldn't you?

And say yes to bringing flowers to your date, too! 

Dress for the Occasion. In your search for something special, don't lose sight of the fact that not all dates are created equal. Your first stop in picking out what to wear doesn't need to be

Your dresses; in fact, a dress might be an awkward choice if you're having an active date. Or, if you're just not into dresses, don't force yourself to wear one! Show up like yourself. You'll never go wrong. 

I like how she's showing off her gorgeous legs and neck like a dress would, but she's able to be active in the capris and flats. She could take off the jacket if it warms up but also be covered up if she doesn't want to get too much sun or gets cold in a restaurant in the evening. 

Be Cheeky. On the other hand, if you love wearing dresses or have a new one you really want to wear, do it! Just because you're going to a baseball game or something doesn't meant you need to force yourself to wear shorts or pants. I think it's fun to wear something special (like this dress) with something that nods to the date event (like the cap in the image below!)

Or, keeping with the sporty theme, what about this top with a skirt or under overalls?

Wear a Bold Pattern. When I lived in New York City, my dad would often take me out to eat on Thursday nights. We called it "Match.Com Night" because almost every other table was occupied by a pair who had clearly just met each other. These days it could be "Tinder Night." Every single person, to the person, wore black. Here in DC it could be beige or navy. Don't fall into that trap. Even if it's a Thursday night and you're coming to the date right from work, bring something patterned and put it on in the bathroom. Even if it's black and white like this gorgeous tribal print! 

Why? A pattern stands out from the crowd and is memorable. Even in a group setting where you might meet a possible romantic interest, don't we all say "Remember the one in the striped shirt?"

Channel Your Inner Superheroine. There's something very empowering about dressing up like a superhero, don't you think? A date night (or just a night out) is the perfect time to bring out your inner Wonder Woman. Wearing something that feels a bit like armor might give your heart the chance to soften up. It's like reverse psychology clothing! 

The tube top above can be tricky since it requires a strapless bra, but why not try it with a tank top under and have the straps show? Or wear it under a blazer with a regular bra. Or do it up with a corset...which brings me to underwear! The same super heroine trick goes for what you wear underneath! It can help you feel confident even if no one but you sees it--but especially if they do! Oh wow! They actually have Wonder Woman undies, too! 

Sorry. I got distracted. 

Thanks again, Molly! Thanks for writing!

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