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Cup of Jo's 9 Spring Fashion Trends: Where to Find Them

Cup of Jo's 9 Spring Fashion Trends: Where to Find Them

UO via Cup of Jo

Recently, Joanna of Cup of Jo posted 9 spring fashion trends (will you wear them?). It got me thinking about whether I think we should all try them out (or not) and, if so, where we might find them for more reasonable price points. First I talked about her first trend: flares. You may have gathered that I love that trend because it's extremely flattering on most women.

Next up for Joanna? Maxi dresses. Joanna says:
2. Maxi dresses. This year, they go ALL the way to your feet (no ankles allowed!), but have slits or bare backs that feel irresistibly sexy. Picks: Thisthis and this.
Her examples (gorgeous! gorgeous! and a little too much sideboob, respectively!) are $105, $268, and $59. So there's a range, but it's a steep incline up to a pretty high price point for a statement-making dress. My thought on these dresses is this: anytime you wear a dress with a slit uptohere or an open back, it's going to get noticed. That might make it worth the money for you, or it might make you less likely to wear the dress as a staple, in which case you might not want to splurge on it. If you want a video on how to make a double slit skirt at home (and mental notes on how high you want to go-or not!) find one here.

I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of the slit leg on a casual dress. If you're going formal, maybe, but the slit is really awkward to wear on a dress with a flowy skirt in my experience. The bare backs are more doable. Here's a much cheaper white open back maxi dress from Wet Seal.

This one is less open and slightly more sophisticated.

My overall feeling? If you love this trend, you're going to either get a cheap version and wear it a few times, or you're going to need to spend on it. Why not find a gorgeous maxi skirt (there are so many) and pair it with this season's plethora of open back shirts? That way, you can wear the top with shorts or jeans, too.

I'll be talking about open back tops for women who wear bras tomorrow so don't fret.

Next up for Joanna (and for us)? Spring's swing tops. Tune in next Wednesday!

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