Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Details

The Details

I took these pictures of my client in a really simple outfit to show how important fit and details can be. On the left is how Jen was dressed when I arrived to help her "shop her closet" since she wanted to focus mostly on work outfits. 

The first thing I said was that if she were going to buy pants in the near future that she needed a size down (or even two). However, since those were the pants she had, we'd work with them, of course! 

First, I pulled them up and tightened her belt. I think women often wear our pants too low, which can cause us to look wider across the hips. It also raised the rise and the pant length to a more appropriate length for her. 

Then I did one of the most important things for most women: rolled up Jen's sleeves! It's amazing what a difference this simple thing can make. The whole shirt suddenly seems to fit her better, doesn't it? 

It's just really flattering to show off the skinny parts of your body: ankles, wrists, neck. For a real outfit, I'd have given her a necklace or bracelets to fill in the space that we created with that neckline and rolled up sleeves. 

I also gave her a military tuck for her shirt, which helped to cinch in the sides. While I might have liked for her to go a size smaller on a new shirt, she also worried about having a gap in the chest if she went a size smaller. A good tuck and some rolled sleeves can make up for that!

That's it, just a few tweaks, but they can make such a difference. Give them a try yourself!

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  1. First I've heard of the military tuck. Great idea!