Monday, April 6, 2015

In Search of Ikat Pants

In Search of Ikat Pants

About a year ago, Natalie from The Tiny Closet posted a picture that I haven't been able to forget.

I loved those pants then, and I love them now. I can think of more than a dozen personal styling clients and friends who I'd love to put in these pants right now. The problem is?

She made them, the little stinker!

Today I thought I'd go on a little search that I've been doing to find a pair of pants that, to paraphrase the book I'm reading, "sparks a similar joy."

I like the similarly faded look of these, and I respect the brightness of these! But I'm not sure either is as wearable as the original pants.  These are not as bright, but I do adore them.  And these! These are very wearable, brighter, and wider in the legs.

Since I hear you wondering how to wear them, here's a look at them styled for spring two ways.

Happy ikat-ing!

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