Monday, November 4, 2013

Virtual Styling Sessions

Virtual Styling Sessions

I'm working with a new client on Monday night; she's in New Orleans, I'm in Northern Virginia. Here's what it will look like: she'll point a video source (ipad, phone, computer) at her closet or bed or wherever she's collected most of her clothes. She's been asked to prepare by having most of her clothing clean and ready to go. Otherwise, things she really likes might be in the washing machine where I can't see them!

 Then, we'll start. Typically, I ask clients to show me something that they really like, and we go from there. I ask about how you usually wear things, and then I look behind and around you to see how else you might try wearing them. I might say something like, "It would be great if you had a colorful scarf to go with that!" and she'll say "Oh! I do! Let me go get it!" She'll step out of view of the camera and try things on as we play around with shape, color, size, and style. Anything she doesn't love, we try again and shoot for something better. Anything she does will get hung up or folded as an outfit so that she remembers what she liked and so that it's easy to pull on when she's getting dressed.

If she wants to, she can send me pictures of favorite outfits later on, and I'll post them here. Or, she might not want to be on the blog, and that's ok, too. Often, my clients email me pictures of outfits they've put together themselves inspired by what we found worked together. I love those pictures!

Here's one Love Always Hannah sent me after we put together a bunch of outfits based on stripes!

If there are pieces of clothing or accessories or shoes that we realize would really help tie together several styles, then we'll talk about them, and I can suggest sources for where I've seen good examples. Usually, I'll have her on my mind, and when I see great deals on things she wanted, I'll send them to her. If she wants, I can make a Pinterest board for her full of inspiration for the style we've started to build together for her.

The time together flies, but at the end we'll both be tired. This is hard work, but it's so fun! The next day, I'll send her an invoice via PayPal. No charge for the products sent in the coming weeks, none for the Pinterest page, either. I want this to be simple, fun, and helpful. I want to use what she's already got in her closet and help her to see herself in her best light.

I know I'll spend all day Monday thinking about what clothes she might have or style she might be interested in!


  1. Thispost was very inspiring dear! I usually do the same using whatsapp :-) I love the outfit you put together for Hannah, she looks great! I've just come across your blog and I'm your newest follower via Bloglovin. Stop by if you like, hope we can stay in touch!
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    1. Thanks, Coco! I followed you right back! You have a really fun blog!