Wednesday, November 13, 2013

StyleLove Featured Me!

StyleLove Featured Me!

For new readers, LoveAlwaysHannah  is my longtime friend, Hannah's, bright, happy blog that shows you the world through Hannah's eyes. This summer, she came with my husband, nephew, and me to a BBQ fest out in rural Virginia and then came to our house for a photoshoot! Isn't that fun? We laughed and laughed and somehow, in the midst of all those giggles, she took some really beautiful photographs. I have not felt so pretty since my wedding photos. Thank you, my dear Hannah, for that.

"Gazing into the future." A lot of giggling after this shot!

Oh! And Hannah asks the best questions. Here's a peek!

LAH – What’s one of your favorite things about yourself and why?
Ella – I’m proud of my ability to see the potential-in people, things, and situations. Whether teaching in the Bronx, representing criminal defendants in court, or mediating with a difficult industry (my current job), I have always sought out (sometimes unconsciously) situations where I am called to find the potential there, find the good. I see that more in my life now that I’m settled into our home and our marriage – I’m excited and energized by a forgotten piece of furniture that I could paint and give new life and also by people around me. I have always made people over in my head-thinking about what they could be wearing that would be more reflective of their body or their spirit-but for a long time I felt guilty about that. I think I felt like it was a negative, like being a mean girl or something. But I’ve realized lately that I’m not putting anyone down – I’m uniquely situated to see how tweaks to clothes, some great makeup, or even different food could lift them up. I love that I can see that beautiful potential all around me.

LAH – Have you ever experienced feelings of insecurity about yourself?  How have you overcome them?

Ella – Nope. Never. Next question?
Of course! Seeing potential in others-and myself-is a double-edged sword! Sometimes it’s hard to “bloom where I’m planted” and feel happy now-with who I am now, not who I could/might/would/should be. I haven’t overcome that feeling, no, but I guess I’m constantly overcoming it. Constantly facing it and taking the deep breath that reminds me to practice gratitude for who I am and where I am now. Right now. Yoga helps me with that, helps me to feel strong and grounded and feel more at home in my physical body instead of being so much in my head all the time...Read the full post here.

I was reminded of this today because while Hannah is out of town for work, her male friends have taken over her blog (camo instead of pink glitter!), and today they did the first ever male StyleLove. It cracked me up!

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  1. And you use your gift so well! From the pictures of the various makeovers and posts about them, I can hear the wonder and excitement of the people you have styled. You have a sweetness that shines in you. Keep up the fun work!

    1. Thank you so much. What kind words. Thank you.