Friday, November 22, 2013

Easy Holiday Sparkle: Part I

Easy Holiday Sparkle: Part I

Today I'm running around prepping for a holiday photo shoot that I'm styling the clothes for (at my house!). Love Always Hannah is styling the shoot, which means that my house will look gorgeous-I can't wait to see it through Hannah's eyes! And Lauren Modny is taking the photos. If you haven't visited her site before, I highly recommend that you do.

She shoots in a candid documentary style, which enables her to get the most beautiful, authentic shots. She shot our Fall Fashion shoot, and I would love for her to shoot something personal for me, too. I've thought of doing anniversary photos with my husband-wouldn't it be fun to recreate a pose from a past photo? Like this one from 2009 when we were "just friends" but secretly in love with each other? Love that tinkle in our eyes.

I'm really excited about this shoot because we have three incredible women as our models, and we're using their clothes! As you know, I don't really buy into the idea that you have to buy something new to wear once or just because it's the holidays. I'm all for setting aside money if you want to spend it, but I'm also excited about re-imagining and re-styling what you already own in ways that help you feel confident and, yes, even sparkly!

Stay tuned! And check out a sneak peek shared by one of our models!

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  1. Can't wait to see it!!! May have to snatch an idea or two as I am franticly styling our house for the Herndon Holiday Homes tour!