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Style Icons: Rachel from One Part Gypsy

Style Icons: Rachel from One Part Gypsy

Today I'm excited to share a new feature with you, which I'm cleverly calling Style Icons.  I find inspiration for style from many sources: magazines, Pinterest, blogs, home decor, but especially other women. Coming up, I'll be talking with more of the women who inspire me in the hopes that you'll feel similarly inspired-both by them and the women around you. Including my mom!

My first style icon is a childhood friend whose style I have always admired from afar: Rachel from One Part Gypsy.

In addition to being one of the most effortless stylish women I know, she's a freelance creative offering web design, graphic design, branding and consulting services. I'm always inspired by her blog on all areas of conscious living and bohemian style and her own style inspiration.

Here's what the incredible Rachel had to say about what it feels like to be her. 
StartCloseIn: From the outside, your style looks effortless. How does it feel from the inside?

I'm a creature of comfort, so my best days are the ones where it actually does feel effortless on the inside too!  Usually when that happens, I'm wearing something totally ratty- like my favorite holey T-shirt, ripped shorts and frye boots, maybe with a bright lip if I'm feeling sassy.  The key for me is not over thinking it and putting on whatever feels right that morning, regardless of where I'm going or what I'm doing. When I feel good on the inside, any outfit feels right. 
Do you have any pieces of clothing that you consider to be your essentials?
I love investing in staples and then picking up the trendier seasonal pieces at places like Forever21 or resale shops. So I'd say that the items I invest in would be: one pair each of the perfect black and brown boots, belt and bag and leather jacket, DL1961 denim and a great watch. Also my growing collection of kimonos, which add a boho element to any look! 
Are there any fashion risks you'd like to take more of?

I wish I could pull off the turban/ head wrap look.  The back of my head is totally flat, though, and they always slip off!

If I gave you $15 that you had to spend on shoes, clothing, or accessories today, what would you buy? $50? $500?

For $15 I'd go to the bead store make a new pair of funky earrings like these guys that I put together a few years ago. For $50 I'd get a mini facial and a green juice- nothing makes an outfit look better than glowing skin. And for $500 I'm on the hunt for the perfect "Penny Lane" coat.
How much, or how little, do you pay attention to what is in style or trendy?

I like to look and then look away.  Nothing kills a good outfit more than matching everyone else in the room! So instead I try to take note of what's in style, and incorporate something similar in a way that's unique.

Any other words of advice?

Find a silhouette you love and re-create it as many ways as you can.  I always feel great wearing some sort of hat, a flowy top, a skinny leg and a tall boot. It's a lot easier to shop when you know which shapes make you feel great!

Thanks, Rachel! I have loved witnessing from afar as you have seemingly settled in to a physical and creative space that feels so natural to you. And now I'm going to pull out my mom's childhood kimono and dream myself to your warm California weather!

All photos thanks to One Part Gypsy

For any readers looking for creative services, Rachel will be offering a huge giveaway coming up soon so follow her instagram @onepartgypsy for more details!

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