Sunday, November 17, 2013

In Person Styling and Personal Shopping: Shaunie

In Person Styling and Personal Shopping

Last week I went to Pennsylvania for a marathon personal styling day with the funniest client yet: Shaunie. We spent the day together, and we cracked each other up!

I had no idea that one person could have so many versions of the same necklace! And she had no idea that I would suggest that she wear more than one shade of blue! We were quite the pair, I tell ya! Here are a few tips from our time together (in her closet and also out shopping at the mall) that I thought might be useful to you, too.

Pull Out the Clothes You Think Belong Only to One Season


We all do this: certain clothes spent a good part of the year forgotten in the part of our closet where the summer clothes go to die. A great way to re-vamp your wardrobe is by pulling some summer clothes out and giving them new life! I was in love with these cool shorts-why shouldn't they be worn in place of a skirt with tights in the winter?

Find a Shape that Works-And Repeat It. 


For Shaunie, as for many women, it's really flattering on her shape to cinch in her waist a bit, whether with a belt, buttoning one of the cardigan buttons or wearing a skirt a little higher than she usually does. Typically, any of these things should nip in the waist at the skinniest part of the waist, more like by the lowest rib than the top of your hip. As my mother would say, "your natural waist." She's right.

Shaunie doesn't usually belt her pants, but it really shows off her waist to do it! It also helped her feel more comfortable with a textured black pant to have a belt tie it into the top half of her outfit. Just because one combination doesn't feel quite right, keep trying until one does!

Consider Colored Pants


Colored denim (or pants) are easy to wear if you start with classic combinations, like the French look above. Pink and black & white are friends-they love to be together! The same goes for brighter versions of color on the bottom. Check out this amazing shot that Shaunie sent to me! I love how brave she's getting with color!

Bring Accessories into the Fitting Room with You 

For example, bring belts (that you already own or from the store) into the fitting room with you and try them on with simpler styles and colors. A great belt can make all the difference! These two were at Ann Taylor Loft, and they turned a nice dress into a great dress. Plus, the more ways I realize that I can wear a belt, the better its cost per wear and the more likely I am to get a lot of use out of it.
She went with this incredible pink one, also Loft. I love it!

Try a Dress in the Shape that Works for You from Above

As a busy mother of two kids (ages ten and thirteen), Shaunie doesn't often have the occasion to wear a dress. However, I encouraged her to try on a few to get a sense of which stores carried dresses that cinched in at the waist and were flattering to her. That way, she can keep an eye on their websites and snatch one up for a special occasion when they go on sale. I think we found a few, don't you?

Take Cues from Something You Like and Use it to Mix Color

Here, she took a great Gap scarf and mimicked the pink and blue from it throughout her outfit. If you love the colors in a piece of clothing, why not follow along?

Here, earlier in the day at her house, we found a shirt that she had in a bright pattern, and I picked a cardigan and pants to build on those bright colors. She had a few thin scarves that we replaced with thicker ones (she does live in the north east, after all), but I still love the concept!

Echo a Color from Your Outfit in Your Lip Color

This one killed me: she said "I have red lipstick, I just never wear it." Well, why not?! The black and white and red pattern loves those lips-it would be a pity to miss out on them.

Thanks for sending along these last few pictures, Shaunie! I'm loving seeing the outfits you're putting together! Want more of Shaunie's modern, feminine, New England style? Here is the Pinterest board we've been adding to ever since!

And quick tip: Banana Republic has some incredible, bright blazers these days! Many on sale.


  1. Oh! Oh! What great outfits! Nicely done Shaunie and Ella!

    1. Thank you! I got a little picture-happy! :)