Saturday, November 23, 2013

Guilty, Cheap Pleasures: H&M

Guilty, Cheap Pleasures: H&M







H&M now sells online, did you know? There's really no reason not to have an amazing, cheap new something to wear to your first holiday party this season. And nope, they're not a sponsor! Just one of my favorite cheap pleasures.

Also, for those who love those sequined leggings, The Limited also has some.

And yes, I tried them on for us. They weren't the most flattering on my butt, frankly, but I loved the shimmer and how they reflected light when you moved. They'd be really flattering with heels and a shirt that covers your butt a little bit since I think the pockets are a little awkward.

Here I am, showing off the stars on the elbows of their sweater (not great quality, seems like it would look old in a wash or two) and also wearing the sparkly pants. Don't mind the cross-eyed look. It didn't last!

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  1. Actually, the pink sweater with gray star elbow patches has worn rather well (I've washed it about 5 times). Needs accessories though, because it's a really plain sweater from the front.