Friday, November 15, 2013

Giveaway Winner, a Comfy Weekend Bag & Bra Talk

Giveaway Winner, a Comfy Weekend Bag & Bra Talk

Thank you all for your comments, follows on instagram and on pinterest! And now... Drumroll, please! The winner by choosing a random number on is....


I like the one on row 16 with the cross. They are all lovely!

Ms. Gena, please email me with your address so I can send this gorgeous necklace piece of artwork! My email is startclosein at

I'm headed to NYC this weekend to help a friend explore a more polished style (she's the most beautiful, most amazing kindergarten teacher at a charter school there-we used to work together when we taught at a not-amazing school in the Bronx), see another dear friend for brunch, and visit with my gorgeous, fun aunt. I can't wait! But I couldn't leave without sharing some advice I've recently been given left and right, it seems. And it's about BRAS. Since 80% of women wear the wrong size, that's, well, most of us! It can make a huge difference in how you look and feel about yourself, and I think it's an important piece of self-care.

I highly recommend that you get a proper bra fitting at a department store-not at Victoria's Secret since their sales reps are often inexperienced and they want to sell you the sizes that their store sells, which can be limited. Click here to read why and here to see the new way to get fitted (make sure that you get fitted using Method 2 and by a seasoned bra fitter). I have several friends who have sent me pictures of their amazing new figures after a bra fitting-it can make a huge difference!

Some of you have asked me about my "essentials." I'm a Scorpio chameleon so my style can change around a lot, but there are some things that I just love every time I put them on. I'd love to say that they're glamorous, but this weekend these essentials will have to do with comfort. I'm not feeling great, but I'm really excited about my trip to NYC so I want to be sure that I stay comfortable. Here are a few of the things that will be rolled up tight in my single bag to bring to NYC with me.

These incredibly comfortable harem pants, mostly for wearing indoors because they'll be too chilly outside (unless I secretly layer leggings underneath....)  This t-shirt in a size too big for comfort and an undershirt for warmth-and because they're a little sheer. I know that AE is a teeny-bopper store, but I have searched high and far for the perfect t-shirt and, aside from the sheerness, this is it. Just order one online and avoid the loud music and eyerolling teenagers. Boots from here from years ago because my feet get incredibly cold, not because I think they're particularly stylish. These leggings in black because they hold their black color and their shape better than any other legging. See the note about eyerolling teenagers above. I think it's worth it! An infinity scarf like these, but at 40% off I'd love one of these. I was at Loft with a client on Monday (more on that next week!), and their scarves are to-die-for. I like an inside scarf, especially when I'm feeling crummy, topped with the biggest scarf I can find (or make, like this weekend's fleece number that I could fit inside like a sleeping bag!) over my coat. I just got this coat after purging my coat closet of all of the random coats I was holding on to and didn't want/need/wear for the coat drive where I volunteer. It's much brighter blue and prettier in person-and has some wool for warmth without being itchy. I love the collar because it folds up like the wicked queen in Snow White.

Not very glamorous this weekend, I'm afraid! Maybe I'll throw in my black faux leather leggings and black cashmere sweater, too, just in case I want to remind myself of my former days as a New Yorker...

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  1. WOW....SO excited! Thank you so much, Ella! Can't wait to wear this beauty!

    Enjoy NYC!