Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Wish List

Holiday Wish List

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Disclaimer: if you'd rather not think about shopping or buying gifts, then please avert your eyes. We'll return to our regular program of working with what you've got, shaking what your momma gave you, and upcycling, re-styling, and generally working what's already in your closet.

But, if you-or someone you know-are in the market for something to tuck into a stocking or wrap under a tree, here are some of my current favorite things from several online sources-some big, some small. Some from major retailers offering great sales and the rest from small, American-based businesses who would love your support, I'm sure. They may not be the big retailers offering the big discounts, but they're the small business owners (like me!) who rely on you to make it possible to continue on. So I hope you consider looking at some small businesses-whether these below or the ones in your area.

And, yes, it's absolutely fair to "mistakenly" leave these pages open for a loved one to discover if you find something you really like. If you're looking for clothing deal roundups in general, here are three good ones from Plus Model Magazine, Fashionista and Cup of Jo.

Gifts that say "Let's have a date night-tonight!"

Ann Taylor is offering 40% off full-price code TAKE40 and an additional 50% off sale price with no code needed.

Also velvet pants, a gorgeous, long necklace, three shirts that sparkle, including a long-sleeved one, and a beautiful dress.  

Gifts that say "I honor the wild woman in you."

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Plus a skirt made for dancing and comfy leopard print flats to tuck in your purse until the dancing is over!

Gifts that say "I love that you take time to feather your nest."

Keep up with the animals and ask "What does the fox say?" Oh! And if your crafting energy will be running low, PB's German glitter garlands are still available in store.

Gifts that say "I notice the things that you like. I see you."

More perfect dots here and here
And also peplum cashmere or softest silk for staying cozy by the fire, a flattering, soft sweater, and striped peplum because, well, I love stripes.

Shameless Plug

Several of you have contacted me about buying gift certificates for in-person or virtual styling sessions for your loved ones. I am happy to create a pretty gift certificate for you to give to a loved one this holiday season that they can redeem in the New Year for a new look. Just email me, and we'll work something out! I'd love to see a StartCloseIn certificate clipped to a new scarf or tucked into a stocking this year. If you purchase during the last days of November, virtual sessions are $50 for three hours, in-person is $75 for three hours. These prices will be going up in December so book now!

What about you?

I'd like to invite you to post your blog or your small business link below in the comments section, too. So many of you are also small business owners who make and find incredible things. I'd love us all to support each other. Happy Thanksgiving, again. 


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