Friday, November 8, 2013

Lip Stain and Weekend Fun!

Lip Stain and Weekend Fun!

Getting ready for my session this afternoon!
It still floors me to open up my favorite blog and see that she's talking about me! Just floors me. I feel so honored. And really happy that she's liking the lipstain that I recommended! I have them stashed in my purses, in my car (sorry, Colleen..), in my desk...One of my favorite things about Outlast is that the color at the end of the stick is quite true to the actual color that ends up on your lips, which is not always the case with other lip color. They're not a sponsor, by the way, I just like them!

Along the lines of feeling blessed, I have scheduled quite the busy weekend for myself!
This afternoon I had a virtual personal styling session with the creative genius behind The Little Cottage on the Pond who now feels like a friend I've had for a long, long time. I can't wait to tell you more about the fun we had together! Well, as together as you can be over FaceTime.

Snapping a picture to see if Hannah wanted this H&M jacket for the shoot!

Tomorrow I'm fitting three models for an upcoming holiday photo shoot I'm doing with Love Always Hannah and Lauren Modny in a few weeks. We'll be shooting at my house (here it is last Christmas), and I can't wait! After that, I'm buzzing over to meet with a newish friend and take a look at her closet, too. Then on Sunday, two virtual sessions with new clients and on Monday I'll drive to PA to work on a new client's closet and take her shopping! My husband was laughing at me saying a few weeks ago I said to him "In November and December I have one thing for my business every week!!" Luckily he's away this weekend so I feel free to spend most of the weekend out of the house in other people's closets!

I know that this is the work I'm intended to be doing because I feel so energized by it. Tonight I treated myself to a manicure, and as I sat there I couldn't stop thinking about my client from Texas and what we'd just done to encourage her to wear some of the beautiful clothes that she has, and I couldn't help but noticing how the woman next to me had put together her outfit-super stylish, in her late sixties I think, and just so confident in her own body. I love this. Thank you for supporting me in it by reading this blog, by emailing me to set up virtual and in-person sessions, by referring your friends to me, and by pinning my images on Pinterest. I have truly been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and interest.


  1. If anyone had told me that I would actually have fun trying on clothes, I never would have believed them! Yes, we feel like old friends- you were so gracious in making me feel comfortable through the entire process. Went out last night in one of my "new" outfits and felt like a million bucks :)

    1. That's amazing! I had so much fun with you and hope to meet you in person someday soon!!