Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Simple Outfit for a Night Out

Q&A: What's A Simple Outfit for a Night Out?

I recently received a question from a reader who said that she gets overwhelmed with what to wear when she goes out at night. I really related to her question because sometimes I get frustrated when I'm headed out to an event at night, whether it's a birthday party, to dinner, or a bigger event. A few years ago, I had a steady list of outings to dress for and a closet that reflected that; now, I tend to stay in a lot more, and the things I have to choose from are fewer. I think it can be helpful to consider choosing one or two things in the same color palette that you like and then choosing the same accessories or layers that you can wear on top of that base color.

The two tops above would be flattering on many shapes because the ruffles pull the fabric away from the body while still creating a gorgeous shape.
I love to wear something like this to a wedding or party where I'll be eating a lot because it won't cling to my stomach. The pinkish color is very flattering on most skin colors, too.

If you have a jacket in a similar muted tone in your closet, you could wear it with both of those tops. That way, you've planned for two events in one. Next time, instead of feeling overwhelmed, you'll know you already have something ready. Or, if you have sleeveless tops already that you don't wear or only wear during the summer, a jacket like this would be a smart purchase because you already know you can wear it at least two ways.

Grab a light scarf to finish off the look, and you won't even need jewelry.  These two tie in the neutral jacket color and add their own sparkle. You could wear these well into the winter and even spring so they're a great buy.


I hope this helped! I'm looking forward to our virtual styling session coming up! We'll talk more then!


  1. I think your advice is great and I love the pieces you chose. I like how you can wear them during the day and go out with it at night.


    1. Thanks, Michelle! I see you have a new blog! If you'd ever like to collaborate or write a guest post for me, please email me!