Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Touring Through Blogland: The B Farm, Love Always Hannah, and Me

Touring Through Blogland

I was recently asked by my dear client-friend Cecilia of The B Farm if I would like to participate in the Blogland Tour.  I was so honored to be asked by this incredible artist and woman! I "met" Cecilia virtually as a client via FaceTime when she hired me to do a closet session. Cecilia is currently working on a giveaway for this blog, and I can't wait to show off her amazing artwork!

Here are some of her beautiful projects that she's been working on lately! She's from Texas, and proud of it! I love all things Americana, don't you?

She painted this gorgeous poppy painting-can you believe it? I have a hard time hanging art made by anyone outside of my family in my home, but this? This I could get behind! Plus, Cecilia feels a bit like family now.

Speaking of homes, she posted this before and after of her kitchen...

Wow! What a difference! And I love the little B Farm above the sink, don't you?

Now I'm supposed to answer four questions about myself!

1. What am I working on?
Phew! Great question right out of the gate! I'm working on being kind to myself, making time for spontaneity, and de-cluttering my home. I'm also currently thinking a lot about creating community through my blog and how best to do that.
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
My personal styling work is different from others because I don't approach it with a set idea in mind for how women "should" dress or what looks women "should" or "should not" wear at a certain weight or age or stage of life. I share tips and ideas, but what I hope for women is that we will continue to find ways to embrace whoever we are-and whoever we want to be. I love how clothing can express that complex inner self, and I strive to find ways to draw that out of my clients and readers rather than impose one set vision. 

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
I write because I am bubbling over with inspiration, and there are women all around the country who I want to sit down with and drink a cup of iced tea together and just dish about style, body image, clothes, sales, crazy trends, and who we are proud to be. I love the opportunity to do that with my clients in person and via FaceTime, but my blog is another way to connect with more women than I get to see in person.
4. How does your writing/ creating process work?
I'm a lawyer by trade so I do a lot of research; it's something I enjoy. I tend to work two ways: sometimes, I'll come across something while I read or shop or advise a client that I know I want to share on my blog. Other times, I'll have a question in mind (like "Hmm...maxi dresses are so comfortable. Is there a way to wear them to work?"), and I'll do some research (online, with a client, or out shopping) to figure out an answer to that. In my styling business, I go into a client's home (or virtually via video), and I look at everything she has in her closet or in her drawers. We talk about what her life is like and who she'd like to be. Then, we go through everything, putting together outfits that she'll wake up excited to wear the next day-and the days after that! If she has some gaps to fill, we'll go shopping together or I'll send her a list of budget-appropriate ways to fill in those gaps. 

I also love styling the fashion for photo shoots like the ones you see below! 

Photos courtesy of Lauren Modny Photography
Photos courtesy of Lauren Modny Photography

And, moving forward with the Tour, today I'm thrilled to introduce you to Love Always Hannah, a blog written by my dear and longtime friend (over 10 years!), Hannah. Here's a little about her:

 Hi! I’m Hannah.  I am DC-based blogger, stylist and glitter enthusiast.  I believe there is beauty to be seen in everyone and everything… you just have to look.  I’m on the daily quest to find and celebrate it! I’m passionate about social justice, adoption, reality TV, sparkles and YOU understanding your value. Seeing people creatively use their time and talent for good gets me excited! I truly believe that everyone has the power to change the world by simply using what is in their hands.  In 2010, I launched my own boutique styling firm, Piccadilly, based on those exact beliefs.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know Hannah because we often collaborate. If you don't regularly follow her blog, I can't recommend it enough. I often imagine her leading her own church because she is a natural spiritual leader-as well as having the Midas touch! Everything she touches becomes more beautiful, and often more sparkly, too!

Hannah is working on re-launching her styling firm, Piccadilly, this fall so be sure to stay tuned for details on that! 

I already think of Piccadilly as the place to go to help me plan parties, and I can't wait to see what Hannah is cooking up over there! Here's her gorgeous new logo, too! 

Back to the blog, one of my favorite series that Hannah does is Weekend Sneak Peeks, which offer a glimpse into what she's up to over the weekend in the DC area and beyond. Don't miss it!

Thanks for visiting Love Always Hannah's blog tour and for stopping by from Cecilia's blog! I'm sorry to have been tardy to posting! September started without me!

Update: Hannah shared some of the incredible photos from the shoot that we did together lately today along with her usual dose of uplifting words on Confronting your Fear. I always feel like I glow after reading her posts. I know you will, too.

Photos : Lauren Modny Photography
Styling & Creative Direction : StartCloseIn & Piccadilly
Model : Ashlynn



  1. Thank you, Ella for all your sweet comments. You're a sweetie! I'm very excited to go check out Hannah's blog. I've been over from your blog before and she has such a great style. Love the photo of her in that fabulous black skirt!