Thursday, September 11, 2014

Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Bad Plaid

Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Bad Plaid

I rarely say a categorical no to things on my blog. I'm not someone who categorically says "Don't wear X" or "Never wear X with Y." I think there are things that aren't suited to every body type or every moment in life, but that's pretty specific to the person. Even things that I won't wear myself (I'm looking at you the second time around, Berkinstocks with socks!) might be right for you.

However, I have to take a stand today. A stand against bad plaid.

No, don't laugh. I'm serious.

That's better. Here's the thing, I grew up in Vermont. In the 80s and 90s and all the way to 2001. I think that makes me uniquely situated to weigh in on the subject of plaid. And bad plaid is out there, my friends. Here's what I think bad plaid is: it's pretending to be flannel and cozy, but it's thin. I'm not talking about sheer nouveau plaid (that's fine), but rather about low quality plaid. It's too busy. I'm a bit of a purist, and I think plaid (and you can find it at all price points!) should have a nice, big, graphic pattern, preferably a buffalo plaid. Too many stripes and boxes and lines defeats the purpose of a bold pattern, I think.

That's it! Simple. Bad plaid=thin fabric, too busy. Good plaid=thick, lush fabric and a bold print. Aside from that, any color goes, from classic red to pinks, greens, whatever. Got it? So, please, don't let your friends (or your best friend, yourself!) wear bad plaid.

Oh! Looking for great plaid? Try this adorable Asos coat with cape sleeves, DIY this unisex infinity scarf, pair these Asos pants with white ankle Converse, get fancy in this saucy dress, pick your favorite color of this classic buffalo plaid Gap shirt, or layer plaid-on-plaid like I did in the top photo in this photo shoot (yes, that's a green plaid jacket over a red plaid shirt!) with this cozy vest. And say yes to these adorable loafers. And to everything that's happening here.   

Photography : Lauren Modny Photography
Modeling & Design : Tomboy
Personal Styling : Start Close In
Creative Concept & Direction : Piccadilly (Love Always Hannah)
Location : Georgetown University


  1. I like the DIY scarf you mentioned. I have made a couple of infinity scarves and they 're very easy.