Friday, September 5, 2014

My Happiness Project: September

My Happiness Project: September

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So! It's September. The school buses are running, the leaves are even turning a bit here and the heck did THAT happen?! I certainly did not get the memo, as no kids say anymore anywhere. I wrote the date as 6/31/14 on August 31. That's right, June. Now that I'm on the same calendar page as everyone else, let's look back at August and ahead to September, shall we?

Here were my August Happiness Project goals:
  • Practice SOS. While reading parenting books somewhere in the last couple of years, I came across the idea of Step Back, Observe, and Speak on one of them. I think in my current job environment this could really serve me well instead of my usual Speak, Speak, Speak! And I'm sure my husband would think so, too. Update: I liked having this mantra in mind all month. I found myself making fewer, more useful comments at home and at work.
  • Nurture Friendships. My post this week about just hanging out has got me thinking a lot about the type of friend I am. I tend to have a few very close friends, and I love that about my life. This month I'd like to make time for my friends-old, close, new, and possible. I need to think about exactly how, but I think it involves saying "Yes" to more unstructured time as well as to making time for my casual friendships like those with neighbors. I did ok with this-I had some special time with friends, but I think this is an ongoing project for me-figuring out how to have adult friends in a way that feels easy and less structured. I did plan some upcoming visits to best friends far away!
  • Enjoy the things about summer that I love. All winter long, I dream about summer food and fun, and I want to be sure to enjoy it while it's here. For me, this includes walks in nature, time in the sun, eating in-season produce, gardening, watching outdoor movies, and going to county fairs. I'm excited already! This was a big part of August for me. I traveled, went to our local pool, was outside a lot, and generally focused on celebrating summer! My husband and I give each other "assignments" every week for the past month or two, and his assignment this week is to remind me of ways to savor the last bits of summer. His suggestions so far have been adorable!
Now for September!
  • Spread the Love: I am going to share some of the things I've learned over the years beyond just the personal styling realm. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Cook 5 Nights a Week: I've been very inspired by Dinner a Love Story's new book and her challenge to cook 5 nights a week. I love to cook, and my body does much better on homecooked food. I'm using this as a reason to sit down with friends and family more, too.
  • Heal my Back: I'm setting this as a lofty goal, and I mean to achieve it! I'm putting aside the time and money needed for chiropractic, PT, supportive shoes, inserts, and everything else that my back needs. It must be a priority.
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  1. This neighbor would love to hang out sometime. I could use your advice on the Scottish Skeleton Army I'm beginning to work on for Halloween, or we could just go shopping...who doesn't love shopping?