Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What to Wear for Maternity: Hip to be Round

What to Wear for Maternity: Hip to be Round

Recently, my husband and I went out to eat in the Mosaic District in Fairfax, VA. Then, I went to watch Skeleton Twins at the Angelika there the other night and remembered that I hadn't shared the pictures I took of the cute maternity store there!

The store is called Hip to be Round, and it's full of fun maternity clothes that you'd splurge on if you were planning to pass on your maternity clothes, indulge in something special, or hope to have more than one pregnancy. I'm not saying it's the most expensive I've ever seen, but it's not Target. More like Motherhood Maternity. Great for gifts for a family member or friend who's pregnant. Oh-and they didn't ask me to promote them nor did they know I was writing this. I just thought it would be of interest to some readers.

I like how they styled the teething necklaces! If you are gifted one, why not start wearing it? And so many moms with an older child look adorable in those necklaces while pregnant, too. Very cute.

Want more maternity ideas or gift ideas for pregnant friends? I've got 'em here.

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