Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall Wardrobe Basics: A Light Jacket

Fall Wardrobe Basics: A Light Jacket

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 In the coming weeks, I have virtual and in-person personal shopping sessions booked with several clients. For the virtual clients, I'll be getting a sense of their lifestyle and the kinds of clothing that they like, then I'll do some virtual shopping for them and send along the things I recommend that they purchase. Afterwards, we'll have a video call together so that I can help them mix and match the things that they've purchased.

In person is a bit more straightforward, and I'll go shopping in person with these women, pointing out as we go along how they can build pieces from each store into a cohesive outfit.

I thought I'd share a little bit of that thought process with you, my dear readers, since we're not scheduled to go shopping together (at least not yet!).

One basic that I really encourage everyone, of every age and in every geographic location, to have is a light jacket for fall. For my Texas readers, you might find yourself pulling it out later in the season than my New England readers. But, either way, this is something that should be in your closet in a fit, style, and color that you like on your own body.

Here are a few ideas for different styles that will work for women of every age and lifestyle.


The key things to look for in a military-inspired jacket are the details: buttons, pockets, flaps on shoulders, etc. These are the things that help this type of jacket to look cool, and that's the goal here. You want a jacket that feels a bit cooler than a lot of the rest of your clothing. That way, you can pull it over basics like jeans and a tshirt or toughen up a summer dress.
The Loft does it well in this jacket, sizes XS-XXL, and the Gap has a nice fitted military jacket, too. If you're looking for more warmth, try the Gap's military parka or Boden's quilted waxed jacket. More length? Try this Jcrew number. 

Rain, Rain, Go Away

If you live in an area where fall looks as rainy as spring, this Asos Hooded Duffel Coat would be a great jacket for you. I love the toggles and the dots, and the hood! (Very similar to this JCrew duffle jacket, right? Also this one from Asos.) When I'm wearing a jacket in the rain, I want it to feel special-be a bright color, have some fun details, and always have a hood. Asos Curve, sizes 14-24.

Looking for the perfect classic trench? This might be it. And, of course, Boden has the perfect patterned rain coat.

The Jean Classic

Great jean jackets are everywhere so don't fret about finding a perfect one. Torrid has one that looks to be fitted well, as do Gap (below, sizes XS-XXL) and Old Navy as well as higher price points like Anthro (my husband got me this one for Christmas last year!) and Garnet Hill's slightly waxed version. 

I'd love this model to role up her sleeves, wouldn't you?

Let's Get Quirky

There's a whole grouping of jackets that I can only describe as quirky. They're statement pieces, more so than anything above, and they're not likely the first thing you'd buy for the fall. However, for those of us who already have a basic light jacket or who are sick of said basic light jacket, this category is for us. Think of these jackets like a pair of strong shoes or a statement necklace-they're going to make everything and anything you put them with much more interesting. Like this Free People parachute jacket, or Anthro's poppy bomber, for example.

Gap's quilted moto jacket (sizes 0-20) is a great example of a statement jacket, as are Jcrew's pinstripe bomber, sizes XXS-XXL, and Garnet Hill's funnel neck boucle jacket, both on the pricier end. A great leather jacket is a classic, but with enough visual interest it certainly fits into this category. Try this one from Asos.

That's it, guys! I hope you're feeling more inspired to start looking around for a light jacket that fits your body, your lifestyle, and your style. Fall is no time to be wearing something that just feels sad.


  1. Oh good! I'm set. I have a black leather jacket and of course a jean jacket. I need to talk to you about my trip in November...what I should bring to wear...I know the weather will be cooler up that way than down here.

    1. That sounds great! Want to schedule time?