Friday, September 19, 2014

4 Easy Ways to Feel More Stylish This Fall

4 Easy Ways to Feel More Stylish This Fall

Recently I read an article about a trend forecaster. First, that's a thing?! How fun! Where do I sign up? Second, this blog post is not that. This blog post is about looking at what you already own and making it cooler with very little effort. Maybe about buying one new thing (shirt, belt) and wearing it with pride. Not about hats made from one piece of fabric to wear to fashion week. Although, that would be cool...

1. Wear a belt not in belt loops. Wear a belt over a skirt. Wear a belt over your cardigan around your waist. Wear a belt over a dress. Wear it, wear it everywhere! Do not match your belt exactly to any other item you are wearing, including shoes, bags, etc.

2. Wear one thing that's baggy and one thing that's tighter. This could be a loose shirt and skinny jeans or a pencil skirt and a comfy sweater or wide leg pants and a fitted blazer.

3. Cuff your pants. Cuff them above booties or sneakers or (if you're currently doomed to comfortable shoes like I am) even clogs. (Yes, Ashley. I said clogs on my blog.) Works with boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, and slim leg trousers. (See how I said both clogs and trousers there?)

4. Tuck your shirt in. Whether you do the half tuck, the side tuck, or don't know what the TUCK I'm talking about, take a piece of your shirt or your entire shirt and tuck it in. Don't wear a belt with it.

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  1.!! where can i get it?!?!

    1. Crooked Halo-it's sold out at Nordstrom ( which is where the original poster got it in gray ( That one was flannel. Maybe a polka dot chambray would give you a similar look? Here are some:

      Here is a similar one by J Crew with smaller dots:

  2. Just come live in my closet and put me together every morning, ok?
    It is amazing how tucking can really help the look. I do try to do it and I love belting - gives me more of a waist! Thanks for showing us how it's done!

  3. Love this post! So fun... also I'll work on cuffing my pants... I promise :)

  4. This is an great article! I think the fashion blogs should be more of these thing, how to wear something... ;)