Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekly Roundup: New Blog to Follow, Behind the Scenes at the Emmys,

Weekly Roundup: New Blog to Follow and Behind the Scenes at the Emmys

Happy Monday! I mean, Tuesday! I am really, really excited about this blog that I found in Real Simple called Girls Dressing Cute for Work! Maybe you've already heard of it? I love it. Here are some of my recent favorite outfits.

Don't they make you so excited to get dressed for work?! If not, don't fret. We all have days where we wear basic black pants and a shirt. But there is something to be said for showing up, isn't there? And sometimes that means dressing the part.

Speaking of dressing up and the show of it all, I loved this post about the Emmys.

And, let's get together and eat these, ok?

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