Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Roaring 20s at Modcloth!

The Roaring 20s at Modcloth!

Happily Ember After Hat

I have a few friends in mind for this post (Erika, Colleen, I'm looking at you!), but I really surprised myself with how much I loved these pieces from Modcloth. More than that, I love that you can search by decade on the main page (lower right). There's something so appealing about seeing items spinning off the same decade all together. I started with the 20s and fell in love! Especially with the shoes. I love the feminine heels with masculine details-like these!.

Altogether Unique Heel
That's So Maven Heel
This search feature seems perfect for Halloween season if you're looking for a vintage touch to add to your outfit. I also instantly wanted to host a cocktail party after looking at all of the sparkly 1920s hair pieces and perfect tie-front shoes. Maybe it's because I was born on Halloween, but I've always loved the idea of hosting a party around what the guests will wear!

These wide-leg pants would be perfect for work, and they've got tons of other wide legs, too. Having a whimsical town hall wedding? Please wear these shoes as your something blue! And crack yourself up with a visit to the 90s-inspired section, clog shoes, plaid, and velvet skirts and all. In plus size, you can't shop by decade, it seems, but you will find way better dresses than the other section has!


  1. I saw those shoes on Pinterest the other day and thought "Hell Yes," but they're just a bit too tall for me. Love all the colors together though. I sweat closet clean out will happen soon, and after that I can focus on what I "need" for winter.

    1. Let me know if/when you want to go shopping!