Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lolli and Pops: Gourmet Candy in Tysons Corner, Virginia

Lolli and Pops: Gourmet Candy in Tysons Corner, Virginia

As you know, I live in Northern Virginia, and I love to share bits and pieces of all that there is to do and see not only in DC but also in my very own Northern VA. While I was waiting to meet a personal shopping client the other night, I realized that I had stumbled upon Lolli and Pops. My best friend sent me their link a couple weeks ago, and there it was!

Once you read this post, you will pretty much know what I'm going to get everyone always for birthday and Christmas presents and shower gifts and new baby gifts. So, spoiler alert!

As you can see, I went from thinking "Oh, I'll get something for my husband" to "We have to come here and buy gifts for everyone we know." I took lots of covert pictures, but you'd have to see it to believe it. It's room after room of themed candy, some by geographic location, some by chocolate or fruit candy. The employees dress in straw hats and striped aprons, and it's just adorable.