Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How Can I Dress Up a Plain White Button Down?

How Can I Dress Up a Plain White Button Down?

In the winter, I worked with a personal styling client who struggled between two extremes: she had, on the one hand, lots of classic pieces and, on the other, memorable pieces that stood out too much in her mind. For example, she had a pile of white button downs and conservative blazers. She also had silky, patterned skirts and dresses that she found mostly while traveling overseas.

She wasn't sure how to blend the two into a cohesive, professional wardrobe that still showed off her sense of personal style. One outfit that stands out for me that I put together for her is this one:

I love how simple this outfit is yet how pretty she looks! The basic white button down could feel boring with a solid skirt, so pick out a skirt from your closet that feel special. Then, try a second classic piece, like a Jackie O-inspired blazer, to tie the two together. You could absolutely stick with a solid shoe, but I had her try on her neutral snakeskin flats because the colors related so well to the rest of the outfit.

That's it! White button down + Printed "special" skirt+ Classic blazer or sweater + Neutral shoes