Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekly Roundup: DIY Boho Boots, Giant Pom Poms, Finding Tiny Shoes, and More!

Weekly Roundup: DIY Boho Boots, Giant Pom Poms, Finding Tiny Shoes, and More!

Happy Monday! I'm coming off a weekend of a dinner date to see The Giver (just as spooky as I remember the book) with my husband, a solo movie night on Friday to see Skeleton Twins, a trip to the outlets and a NOVA vineyard with a girlfriend, and my first facial ever! It was my treat to myself after what was a long week last week.

The temperatures are falling (pun intended) around here, are they in your neck of the woods? What do you have planned for this week? I'm taking a personal styling client whose closet I did a few months ago shopping for fall clothes tonight, and I can't wait! I'm trying some new recipes from my Paleo Lunches cookbook in an effort to ditch the never-ending salad rut I've gotten into.

If we were having lunch together and talking style, I'd talk to you about these jewels from the past week or two.

Did you see
this fun DIY boho boot idea on Brit&Co? Not to mention this incredible roundup of work-ready outfits, including an over-a-suit belt, which you know I love.

Women with shortish hair (like me!) need "updos" too sometimes. I love One Little Momma's hair, and I loved this easy, fresh look!

Do you know anyone breaking a high heel habit who wants height still but needs comfort? For as tall as they are, these Dr Scholls shoes are very comfortable. I tried them on last week. Got a friend with tiny feet? Send along this article on where to find small sizes.

The chicken pot pie soup in this list of lightened up favorites was our dinner one night and lunch several days over gluten free biscuits. You should try it! The baby bellos were nice and meaty.

It's getting to be that time to pull out the dark nail polishes and dark lipstick! Not sure? Just check out how white these make your teeth look!

This is an old article, but with my own birthday coming up, I loved these ideas for how to fill a your child's love tank on their birthday-they could absolutely work for adults, too! Giant pom poms encouraged!

Have a great start to your week! And tune in tomorrow for 29 Hours in Navy Yard, DC. It just might be good enough to make you want to come visit! I'd be sure to take a look at the clothes in your suitcase if you did!

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