Friday, December 5, 2014

Graphic Tees for the Holidays: With Something Decadent

Graphic Tees for the Holidays: With Something Decadent 

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? My mom is visiting, and we're putting up our Christmas tree, babysitting a friend's baby, and attending Friendsgivemas with friends, too! I'm excited to try a few new recipes.

But I can't leave with without another idea, another one of my favorite ways to wear a graphic t-shirt. This way is to take a t-shirt with something printed on it (with a neutral background, preferably) and pair it with something decadent, something fancy. Something you'd normally think "well, that doesn't go with a t-shirt!" But then you put them together, and something magical happens.

The something decadent could be a fabulous tuxedo jacket like the incredible Life and Style of Jessica has on in the first photo or a fabulous skirt to twirl in like Love Always Hannah above. Look around your closet, do you have something you've worn only a handful of times because it's too precious to take out on a normal night? That's it. That's what we want. Take that out!

Can't you just tell that gold sequined skirt doesn't get enough love? And if I had that awesome bold belt below, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't typically pull it out to wear on, say, a Tuesday. But, the way they're styled with a tshirt makes them feel welcome in so many more outfits! I'd love the below outfit with a graphic something on that tshirt.


So here's what the formula is: graphic tshirt + something decadent + accessories that relate to the decadent thing

For example, sequin pants with a bag that's also metallic (notice that I didn't say matches! The pants could be gold and the bag bronze!) or a big, bold belt and a pair of earrings that shine, too.

If you're looking for sequins specifically, this season is for you. Check every department store and most online retailers.

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  1. Ahhhh I love YOU and this post. I love mixing the decadent as you put it with the graphic and basic. So much fun!