Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thoughtful Gifts for People You Don't Know Very Well

Thoughtful Gifts for People You Don't Know Very Well

I don't usually post on the weekends, but I know that time is running out if you're going to order anything for gifts, and some of today's suggestions need to be ordered. My friend Erika asked me a great question the other day: what do I give to people who I don't know particularly well?

I'm thinking of your husband's Aunt who will be at your mom's house to open gifts or your Uncle's girlfriend who is coming over with him between Christmas and New Year's or your partner's co-worker and her wife who invite you over for Christmas because you're not traveling to see family this year.You want to give something thoughtful and special, but you might have limited information on this person. Here are my ideas.

What about something delicious to eat, like the Maple Matured Sherry Bourbon Oak Vinegar above? It's from Salt & Sundry in DC, and if you buy anything from there (yes, they ship!), you'll look like you're on the cutting edge of what's cool in home decor and yummy in food even if you're not. These ideas would be perfect for a twenty-something cousin or relative, too. Also for the crowd who loves American made.

Or how about food from the recipient's home town or recently visited location? Maybe find out a little bit about them, and then send or bring them something related! For example, cupcakes from the famous Magnolia Bakery for a New Yorker (or just someone who visited there recently) or Valerie's incredible handmade chocolates and candy from L.A. If you've got a bit more time, consider looking at their region's Edible magazine to find good local options.

What about a special balm or lotion? I think something like the Minty Muscle Balm or set of incredible smelling men's soaps would be perfect since they're not sensual like a massage oil but are still thoughtful and will be appreciated. You may not have time for Etsy shipping so check out your local natural foods store-or even Amazon.

I also love the idea of a luxurious little set of something that most people would never buy for themselves like these little linen lavender bags. Sometimes in TJMaxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, you can find similar items, too.

And lastly? When in doubt, buy a cookbook. Bon Appetite has their favorite list out, and I think anyone would love to have one or two of these under their tree!

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