Monday, December 22, 2014

Gone for the Holidays-and the Best of 2014

Gone for the Holidays-and the Best of 2014

Hi! I'm taking the time between Christmas and New Year's off from blogging. I'll still be answering emails (although a bit more slowly), but I'll see you here in 2015! I wanted to thank you for reading my blog whether you read once or every day. Thank you for your comments, emails, questions, and interest in this spot of the internet where we can feel comfortable in our own bodies. I'm off to spend time with family and friends, but here is a look back at 2014 before I go. 

Wow! There were posts you couldn't get enough of! Some of the most viewed and most shared posts of the 2014 included Halloween Costumes for Women Who Don't Want to be Naked, Favorite Swimsuits for 2014, How to Style a Maxi Dress or Skirt for Business Casual, 3 Black and White Outfits to Wear to an Outdoor Concert, How to Wear Jean Skirts, and The Post About Jennifer.

Some of my personal favorite posts were What Not to Wear because I finally explained more about my personal style philosophy, Behind the Scenes where I described a personal styling session from my perspective, Time Balm because I was truly very brave in showing something you don't often see-real deal dark circles without makeup on, Are You Out for Blood where I showed off the images from a photo shoot that I styled and asked a question that's often on my mind, What to Wear to Fertility Appointments because it seemed like a question someone should have answered but hadn't really, My Favorite Adoption and Fertility Resources because when I find something good I want to share it with you, and What to Wear to Meet Birth Mothers because at the time I had never seen a post that answered that question in any way other than "a suit!" Really?!

I was incredibly honored to get to work with women near and far, to be featured on A Practical Wedding when I wrote Almost a Mother, Not Quite, and to receive such positive feedback like "You gave me permission to be myself." That makes my day. It makes my whole year, actually.

So thank you again. In reading through some of my favorites, I'm reminded of what an intense year it was for me in many ways. This blog has been an outlet, a place for me to come and chat with women all across the country. Thank you for being here for me; thank you for chatting.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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  1. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!