Thursday, December 11, 2014

Can I Wear a Bold Necklace to Work?

Can I Wear a Bold Necklace to Work?

I recently got this question from a reader named Judy. Yes! And here's how. My personal styling client, Simmi, had a gorgeous collection of statement necklaces, and I loved putting together outfits for her that incorporated them.

Wear all neutrals. If you have a bold, neutral (metallic, white, black, etc.) necklace, consider wearing all neutrals in the rest of your outfit, too. It can help tone down a real statement piece and bring it into a peaceful, work-appropriate outfit. This could work just as well with jeans, too!

Embrace bright colors. On the flip side, if you have a really colorful necklace, a simple way to wear it is with other brights. This is clearly a summer outfit, but the same thing would apply now in the winter. Pick a color or print for the bottom of your outfit that relates to or could be friends with the colors in the necklace. Then, add a contrasting bright color in between. The blue helps to break up the necklace and the skirt. When I look at this summer version of the outfit, I imagine it with a wooly patterned skirt, tights, and a soft, cozy, bright sweater and boots for right now.

This is the same idea but with a neutral between the necklace and the bright bottoms. If I were working with Simmi today, I'd put a motorcycle boot in place of sandals and a black blazer on top and send her on her merry way. And, of course, if you prefer a more demure look, you can put a tank under a drapey neck.

I also want to throw out there that this time of year I really think about scarves more than necklaces. Sure, I wear necklaces, often under my scarf, but a bright or neutral scarf can become the inspiration for a great work (or play!) outfit. Some of my favorite places for scarves include Etsy, Nordsrom, and, surprisingly, maternity stores. If you can bring yourself to walk into one, they often sell great scarves to help pregnant women feel stylish. But no reason they need to have all the fun!

Great question, Judy! Thanks for the email!

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