Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Personal Shopping: Where to Buy Tall Length Skirts and Pants and the Belt You Must Buy

Personal Shopping: Where to Buy Tall Length Skirts and Pants

A couple weeks ago, I got an email that I had been waiting for. It was a young woman whose father had contacted me in May about a gift certificate to take his daughter shopping. Her mother thought it would be a good graduation gift, and I agreed! My understanding was that the daughter was interning on Capitol Hill and would be contacting me soon. As the summer passed, I didn't hear anything. 

Then, she emailed. She's a savvy woman, and she is, in fact, living and working in DC. It made more sense, she thought, for us to go shopping now that the fall was coming. I was thrilled to hear from her and ready to go shopping! I didn't take many pictures because we had just three hours and a lot to cover.

This client, like so many women, has a great sense of style, but she struggles with finding things that fit her six foot tall frame in ways that feel both professional and still youthful. We had some misses, but between that shopping day and my follow up emails, we found some versatile pieces that were just what she needed. 

Above, you see I tied up her shirt to show her how she might transition a work outfit to a date night. (Sorry, mom!) The skirt is from The Limited; although it's not technically a tall, the high waist worked great for her. We also liked the fabrics and prints at The Limited, and she was going to check out their tall selection online.

The Limited has the best belts of all time. They have sliders across the back that make them adjustable! She picked up the one I have in my lap below as well as this mint bow cutie-both on sale! If you scan through for other styles, look for the phrase "back slider."

We got some great tops and accessories for her, and she tried on many pants that were too short, but we knew the sizes and styles that she liked. Now I can't tell you all of my shopping secrets, but I did suggest that she take a look at both Asos tall selection for pants and Loft talls for jeans as well as this incredible fall jacket. What did my client think about it all? The next day's thank you email read, in part, "I've already gotten some compliments and I've been at work for less than an hr." 

That put a smile on my face!


  1. Thanks Ella! Your client loves her new looks! I'll be contacting you next time I go to DC. I need help, too! :) Charlotte's Mom

    1. Oh!! That would be wonderful! What a nice daughter you have! Thank you for sending her my way!

  2. Come to Texas and go shopping with me!! :-)