Monday, September 29, 2014

My Anthropologie Sale on Sale Picks

My Anthropologie Sale on Sale Picks

Here's the deal: Anthro is having a 25% off on top of their existing sale stuff with code SALEONSALE. I'd feel like a bad friend if I didn't just let you know that. Annnnd give you my favorites, too, of course.

Oh boy. If you are a woman, have any female friends, are married, have a mother/sister/daughter/daughter-in-law, you can thank me after they open this gift anytime in the next year. Wow is this bracelet gorgeous or what?

This tank is a statement piece, it's perfect for a date night out, it's dry clean only, and it wants to be worn under a drapey sweater or soft blazer or fitted jean jacket this fall.Would be great for a large chest because it's a lot of detailing. If you're looking for a similar tribal look with less bling, try this incredible tank-I'd wear it with a blazer or moto jacket and skinny trousers to work. Want something similar with a bit more swing? They've got you covered.

Ruffled and military are not words you typically associate with each other, which is what makes this jacket to die for. Wear it every day until you're too cold and then pull it out in the spring again. Likely not great for an XS since there's a lot going on here.

If you have mostly skinny pants for fall and winter, this striped tshirt is for you. Wear it when you need a little extra length over the butt and with a patterned jacket to pattern mix those stripes. The white layer is a soft satin.

If you just had a baby or are having a baby but aren't telling people yet or, frankly, if sometimes you feel pregnant after a big meal (me!), this tassel tank is for you. And, it's fall-appropriate and on-trend with those tassels.

Want cooler jeans? Done.

Going on a trip around the world and want to fit in everywhere and be able to wash these in your hostel/hotel/camping site sink? Done, too. Yeah, they say dry clean, but they're rayon. I'd wash 'em.

Looking for a more interesting earring or purse situation? I can't get enough of these crescents and this amazing clutch/pouch thingee. Both would make the best gifts for a fashionable family member or friend. I have a drawer where I stash gifts that I love as they come up, and as the birthdays arrive I always have something on hand.

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