Friday, September 19, 2014

It's Here! Why I'm Obsessed with Piccadilly

It's Here! Why I'm Obsessed with Piccadilly

Styling, event planning, design, and creative consulting are what the dream team at the newly re-launched Piccadilly list as their services. But I think you'd better read this before you decide exactly what they offer. Because while they'll help you plan a kick-ass wedding or corporate event or bump your branding to the next level or make your window display the one that people stop and take pictures of, it's more than that. Here's a taste of what I'm talking about.
If everything in you yells "YES!" when you read that, you need some Piccadilly in your life.
Yes to a wedding that's unforgettable not only to the guests but to you because you and yours are relaxed and able to enjoy the party around you. Yes to a benefit that not only runs smoothly and raises money for the cause closest to your heart but is also fun and memorable. Yes to event branding and stage design that shows the world your best, most creative side perfectly executed through the creative lens of these incredible women, most of whom I know personally.

Whether you're lucky enough to be in DC to meet them in person or jumping up and down to chat with them about something you've got up your sleeve outside of this area, talk to them. They'll do more than listen-they'll empower, invigorate, and, yes, spread some sparkle on whatever you've got going on.

I can't recommend Piccadilly more highly. And it's an honor to be in their Little Black Book; I guess they like me, too!

All photos via Piccadilly.

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  1. WE DO LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the shout-out Ella! We are hands down some of your biggest fans. Thanks for sharing the love. Can't wait til we can work on another project together. Love you!! XOXO Hannah