Friday, May 22, 2015

Where to Find Cross Back Bras in A Range of Cup Sizes

Where to Find Cross Back Bras in A Range of Cup Sizes

Hi guys! Remember me? I've been really ignoring this space of the world, and I apologize! Some of the things we have been up to lately include putting our house on the market and looking at homes in Baltimore. It's so exciting but also a LOT of work, especially with my husband traveling most of the week lately. Phew!

I wanted to pop in and share some great finds with you. I recently became obsessed with the idea of wearing some open and drapey backed shirts this summer; have you seen the look I'm talking about? Like this.


I never felt comfortable with open back shirts because I need a bra, and my bras I guess didn't feel pretty enough to show off or felt too much like that one season of Sex in the City where all we saw was bra, bra, bra, but the arrival of some gorgeous bras with strappy backs lately got me thinking that this could be the summer of the back!

However, went I went looking for these kinds of bras, I found two things: the ones I found easily were typically inexpensive (Victoria's Secret and Free People have them) but made for A-B cups. Like this gorgeous one at Free People? Perfect for a small chest, but not supportive at all! Ditto this one. Now I'm not looking to take a jog in this bra/shirt combo, but I want to be able to walk around and not feel like I'm coming out of a teeny-tiny bra.

What I found was that alternatives existed, but I'd have to spend a little more than the $20 I was seeing for A cup sizes. Isn't that always the case? But, don't fret, I did find three sources for strappy, bright, happy Summer of the Back bras that are pretty affordable and supportive enough to wear around on a normal day: Athleta, Lane Bryant, and Kohls.

This pretty strappy bra style above is made by Gaiam and is currently at Kohls for $24. They have a few colors. I really like this bright one for under neutrals.

Lane Bryant has several incredible styles around the $50 price point, including a few that are convertibles! It was hard to choose just one, but I love the bright blue of this one above

This beauty above is at Athleta, and they have several colors available. Depending on the color, they range from $30-44. Remember when choosing a size that Athleta is owned by Gap who uses "vanity sizing." I got this style in black recently, and I went down a size from my usual t-shirt size. It fit well that way.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We were planning to go with friends to Delfest, but we're going to hang tight at home, see a few Baltimore row homes, and snuggle the dogs. 

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  1. Ah, I was just wondering what had happened to you! That's exciting to be looking for a new place. Best of luck to you.
    Hm, those bras would look really cool under some of my tops. Might have to give them a try.