Tuesday, August 19, 2014

4 Ways to Love Leather

4 Ways to Love Leather

I love how leather (faux if you please) looks for the end of summer and early fall. There's something so appealing to me about the shiny, slick look of leather with something softer next to it. Here are my ideas for how to wear leather in the next two seasons.

Mix Plaid and Leather

My goal as a personal stylist is to facilitate an environment in which women empower themselves. Leather feels powerful to me and is a quick way to unleash my inner badass. I think that's particularly why I like it mixed with something masculine, like plaid. I like the way women can play between masculine and feminine in style (as in life!). We're powerful shape-shifters like that, aren't we?

Layer It Up

Another way to mix soft and hard, shiny and wooly, is with a great leather jacket.
This Thriller-inspired Treasure & Bond's quilted leather jacket is not cheap, but it's soft, has structured shoulders, and would make a great fall layering piece. You could even wear it to work over a striped dress or simple pants. I tried this on, and if you fall between sizes, choose the larger size. The sleeves are quite fitted.

If you live somewhere colder (I get it, I lived in Chicago for 3 years) or as the weather changes, you might want to size up even more and think of wearing thicker layers beneath like this

Wear it to Work

I was listening to an incredible Ted Talk the other day about body language, and it strikes me that I would feel so confident wearing something classic in leather to work. I love how Banana Republic styled this sweater with their skirt, for example, and I think this is a look that would look particularly good on women 30 and beyond. On a younger woman, it might not read as sophisticated.

Gift it to the Guys

This iphone case, and there are many like it on Etsy, too, is perfect-it's rugged, smooth, and even has a credit card holder. Perfect for a husband or father (in-law) with a fall birthday. Or, if you prefer a more rugged look, get one for yourself!

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