Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Roundup: A Book You Must Read, Hate Comments, Happy Dresses, and Pattern Mixing-and Why I might Watch HSN

 Monday Roundup

Good morning! Happy Monday! I'm just back from a long weekend in Las Vegas with my husband, and I will share some pictures with you later this week. I don't gamble at all, but I do love to eat well, see shows, and hang out by the pool!

I'm breaking with my pattern and mentioning something that wasn't just out last week and is, in fact, a book. I mentioned last week that I was packing the book Tiny Beautiful Things, and I can't say enough good things about it. I could have devoured it on the flight to Vegas, but I milked it until my return flight. I didn't want it to end! I highly highly recommend it for women-and men. It might be under the Christmas tree for everyone I know-so get ready!

I loved how compassionate she is; I loved the advice she gives; I love how she is able to see the deeper questions that people were asking. I just can't stop thinking about it. If you want to preview it or can't wait to get it, the book is a collection of advice column entries from what seems to have been an incredible anonymous advice column called Dear Sugar. I had never heard of it. Some of the letters were published for the first time in the book, but you could get started there, too.

I thought the interactions that Kelsey Miller had online with an anonymous commenter were really telling about this day of over-media-saturation and the danger of hiding behind the screen, and I loved that she wrote about them. Sometimes I think all I want is for more people to care about what I write and for more comments, but then I read something like this and realize how hateful that can be, too. Good for her for standing up for herself!

On a lighter note, this roundup of non-white wedding dresses made me very happy for any woman out there looking for a dress for her wedding. They're just eye candy!

I also couldn't get enough of the mixed prints in this guide to doing just that. I also loved this woman's unusual (for fashion) facial features.

That's it! Some deep-and some pure fun-for you to start off this Monday! I hope you have a week that feels fulfilling and fun.

Oh! And my friend sent me a link to some great fashion news last week-Kelly Osbourne is launching a clothing line that features clothing from sizes 0-24. No petites, not plus size, just all sizes mixed in all together. I love that. It might be worth tuning in to the HSN for!