Friday, August 29, 2014

The Best of Old Navy's Labor Day Sale

The Best of Old Navy's Labor Day Sale

I don't know if you were more aware of it than I was, but suddenly I realized that Monday is Labor Day! We are going to a food festival even deeper out into VA than we live, meeting friends for tapas and a comedy show, and hopefully getting some chores done around the house on Monday, too. I'm so happy to have my husband coming home after two weeks of work travel!  I'm probably also going to do some fall shopping, maybe even at Old Navy of all places! Sometimes I hate their stuff, but this time they've got some cute looks going on, and their sales are pretty awesome.

I've seen versions of this graphic tshirt styled adorably all over ever since seeing this one at Nordstrom, which is now sold out, and I was tickled to see that Old Navy has a spin off. Here's a cute picture from their Instagram feed with it!

I also love this You Me Oui shirt! White Coat Wardrobe had a cute idea for how to style it for the summer.

This dotted dress looks like it works best for women who are not very busty, according to the reviews. I love it to wear now with sandals or later with a moto jacket, tights, and low boots.

Ditto this wrap dress, which seems like it has fitted sleeves.

I like the idea of this gray dress with sleeves, but I'd need to see it in person to know what they mean by "fleece" and how thick that makes this dress. Also, what's happening on the sides there?

I love skinny awkward little pants to wear around the house, especially in the winter to tuck into fuzzy slippers. These look perfectly awkward-and STRIPED!

Maybe even throw in a hooded sweatshirt to wear at the same time like a crazy candy striper?

I'm fascinated with this skirt, and I'd have to try it on. I like the dots and the stripes, of course, but also the houndstooth, which is a big pattern for fall. I have a skirt from Old Navy that I think is the same one, and I do love it. However, it rides up a lot as you walk and goes from a mid-length skirt to a mini in about 50 feet. So beware! Oooo-and I love the idea of a longer version-especially in that leopard print!

Hmmm...I just noticed that each of my favorites is black and white. I'm really having a black and white moment here this late summer/fall, can you tell? Generally, I also tend to stick with neutrals when I shop at a cheaper place like Old Navy. I find their color choices to be less than sophisticated, and the neutrals tend to wear and age better.

Other favorites from the same chain of stores? Wool blazers on sale, this comfy looking work shirt, and my always-fall-favorite, buffalo plaid. Oh-and not a sponsor. I just like the sale stuff they're dishing out.

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