Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Roundup

Monday Roundup

Happy Monday! I'm just back from a couple days spent in PA to celebrate my cousin's baby girl on due in September! Of course, I took some pictures to share with you later this week.

Today, I'd like to start off the week sharing some of my favorite links from what I read online last week. First, the fashion. I loved many of the new Boden pieces (no surprise!) for fall, including this gorgeous 1950s-inspired jacket. I know lots of you love vintage looks, and I think you'll love this whole collection!

H&M also put out a fall preview, not in stores yet, and one of my favorite bloggers had a sneak peek. I giggled at
this Chewbacca-esque olive jacket, but I think it would actually be really fun to have to wear over jeans and boots or a sparkly dress for the holidays.

Girl with Curves' post on "The New Top Knot" made me want to instantly re-create her look. It's the perfect idea for those of us whose hair doesn't reach the top of our heads in a regular bun!

I found this post on "Motherhood's Little Disappointments" to be really interesting. I think from the other side of (un)motherhood, it is so easy for me to glorify what it could/would/will mean to be a mother, and this reminded me of the hard parts, too. And made me want to share last week's How to Have a Parent-Friendly Wedding with you, too!

And last, I love the idea of going to a detox retreat, and this one in Ecuador looks incredible, don't you think?

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