Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vegas, Baby: Burgers, Date Nights, Horn Earrings, and Pools

Vegas, Baby: Burgers, Date Nights, Horn Earrings, and Pools

Some of the highlights of our Vegas long weekend included bunless burgers at Bobby's Burgers, dressing up for dinner at Mesa Grill (get the lobster tacos and the grilled elote), Sushi Samba (with friends! Get the sea bass), and the beautiful but strange-menued RX Boiler Room (maybe just go for a cocktail if you're near by?), getting my first airport pedicure on the way out of town (there are those travel pants again!), and sitting by the pool for hours reading good books and magazines.

We stayed at Aria again, and I loved it. I like staying in newer hotels there that don't tend to have that old smoke smell. We saw LOVE again, too, and I would watch it five more times today. It's just so good!

I loved those bull earrings and wasn't sure I was cool enough to wear them, frankly. But my friend Hannah gave me the confidence to wear them, and I ended up really liking the way they looked-very edgy! Since I couldn't bear to wear heels with my back/hip problems, I felt like they dressed up the gift shop sandals I wore with the East Village Dress at least a little bit!

Oh-and I always wear pool accessories, do you? Just costume jewelry that I can get wet and still feel like myself by the pool.

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