Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Roundup: Fall's Upbeat Mood

Monday Roundup: Fall's Upbeat Mood

I really love it when fashion takes a whimsical turn, don't you? Last winter there were lots of foxes on sweaters, and this fall I've spotted some similarly cheery items. I for one love to feel the difference between Work Clothes and Play Clothes, and these stand out to me as things that would feel sufficiently like The Weekend. Also, I'm always a fan of bringing a little piece of weekendness to work clothes so I appreciate touches that feel playful.

Here are some favorite things-fashion and beyond-that caught my eye last week. Let's sit on the back deck with a grapefruit paloma and chat, shall we?

In this era of hyper bullying awareness, I love this shirt from Zara. If you lived near me, I'd be roping you into going to the new Zara store opening soon at the mall near us. I'm mostly not buying anything for fall until they open.

Via Zara

Then there's this awesome shirt by Asos, which I of course love. I taught in the Bronx, and it will always have a chunk of my heart.

I'm not usually very impressed by NY & Co's quality, frankly, but this dress is on sale and is a (universally flattering if it hits you in the right place) wrap dress in a funky, playful print. Why not?

While we're talking about waists, this wrap belt might be the coolest belt of the season. No, wait! This fox one is!

It was hard for me to choose just one of these minimalist manicures to share today because I loved them all (ok, except the evil eyes), and they all look completely doable at home with minimal skill.

And finally, I really liked this infographic on Cup of Jo to help you decide whether to say goodbye to the host of a party of whether to "ghost" and just leave the hosts to enjoy themselves! I hated saying hello and then goodbye to nearly every guest at our wedding. Maybe it's polite, but it felt like the party was over just as it started, ya know?

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week!

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