Friday, August 29, 2014

Prepping for Vegas, Baby

Prepping for Vegas, Baby: Hair color, lip stain, and comfy pants

Last week, I went with my husband to Las Vegas, and I promised you some pictures! I posted some to Instagram, and others are here for the first time. We've been there many times by this point because he often has work functions out there, and we like to spend time there together before or after those. It's an odd fit for us in some ways because we're not really club people, and I don't gamble at all.

But, we do love to eat well, see shows, and hang out by the pool so that's mostly what we do when we travel there!

Here's how I prepped for our trip: I haven't dyed my hair in all of our years of TTC, and I figured it was about time to do something more fun with my hair. Here's my before, during, and after. She warmed up my brown and added some sneaky underneath highlights that I couldn't seem to capture on film. They're there-I promise!

Then, on the morning I flew out to meet my husband, I suited up in my comfiest pants and my travel hat (Marshalls, men's section). I wanted to show you my lip stain, but somehow I ended up looking a bit like Michael Jackson with a duck face.

What are your rituals around going on a trip? I love to pack in advance, wear something warm enough for the plane, and put on fun makeup even for an early flight. I like to feel pretty when I deplane, is that silly?


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