Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall Weekend Style Ideas

Fall Weekend Style Ideas

Don't get upset! It's NOT FALL YET. Let's make that clear, but I do know that the fall stuff is coming to stores, and you might be looking around. Here is what I want to wear this fall on the weekends. Let's pick pumpkins, sip hot apple cider, and make winter vacation plans for somewhere warm and by the water, ok?

This Jcrew tshirt would look great with jeans, a puffy skirt that was overly feminine in a nice contrast with this shirt, or patterned harem pants like they did here.  

Or this Born to Boogie tee, maybe Vote for Love on Saturday and this on Sunday? I'd love this with a blazer and a tight skirt for a date night out with my husband. Put on some heels and make him turn his head.

 I have loved the look of multiple rings since I was a kid, and I still love this look.
Nothing says "I'm not working" to me like wearing things I'd never wear to the office-like 100 rings at once.

I'm gearing up to purchase my first-ever real leather jacket, but until then I have my eye on some of fall's soft, yet edgy, jackets in materials other than leather. I love this Gap one, don't you?

Speaking of the Gap, I also love these slouchy patched jeans for fall weekends. They build on the boyfriend jean trend but add a little edge.

Also? The James Brown station on Pandora is the best. It makes me want to host a cocktail party lit just by candles. It's that sexy.

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  1. Yay for Fall! As we hit 100 degrees, I'm ready! I found a tee at Old Navy that says "Take Me to Paris". Perfect...I've been telling Bruce since high school I want to go. Can't wait to wear it! AND I'm looking forward to my Fall trip in November. Getting so excited! I need to talk to you about my outfits. ;)