Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Packing for Vegas (As a 31 Year Old): The Perfect Red LIpsticks, Comfortable Shoes, and Yes, Black

Packing for Vegas (As a 31 Year Old)

In my mid to late 20s, my packing list for Vegas would have looked something like this: highest heels I own, shortest dresses I own, string bikinis, huge earrings, makeup, jean shorts, tank tops. Likely all black.

Now, I'm 31, married, and packing for an upcoming trip to Vegas. We're meeting up with a couple we met years ago while on vacation, and last week I suddenly felt myself pressuring myself to pack things that were "more Vegas" or somehow more fun or fancy than what I had in mind. Then I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I love to pack things that I want to wear. And yes, there are some special things I like to bring to Vegas (ehm, lashes!), but generally, I am who I am. I'm so much more comfortable in my own (sunscreened) skin now. Thank goodness for that!

So, here is my packing list:
      • Lashes?
      • Lipsticks
      • All gold or all metallic accessories?
      • Shoes that won't kill me
      • Fun dresses for nighttime (all black)
      • Pool shoes
      • Jean shorts and tshirts
      • Pool head situation
      • Casino and restaurant layers
      • Work out? Yoga classes?
      • Sunscreen
      • Bathing suits/bikinis
      • Lotions
      • Vitamins
      • Books to read
I still love fake lashes for a trip to over-the-top Vegas. I usually buy the ELF brand because they're so cheap. I look for the most natural-looking ones now, ones that will just make my own lashes look fuller. I buy two tubes of glue because there's often wrong with one. These would be perfect!

My theme for this trip's clothing is black and white with metallic accessories. (I always pack with a theme like by color, boho, nautical prep, etc). Therefore, I want to remember all of my most fun, bold "It's still summer, dammit!" lipsticks. Here are some of my absolute favorite splurge lipsticks for a special occasion in both shiny and matte.

The perfect orange-red that tastes good, too. 

It's a splurge-and it's worth it.

The best matte red ever.

Bobbi Brown

For shoes, I want shoes that are cute but comfortable for going to the pool and ones that are amazing but that won't kill my feet for nighttime outings to see LOVE (our second time-it's so good!), out for dinner, and even out to a club (!!) with friends. I think this will bring our times that we've gone to a club together as a married couple to...two? I think there was one other time? These shoes would be fun to wear in Vegas and would work with anything!

 The jeans and tanks haven't changed much. I still like to wear shorts, and I always bring a t-shirt to the pool so I can cover my shoulders and back when I'm getting too much sun. Here's one I'd love to be packing. I might even allow the red into my b&w theme for it!  

The reference to "pool head situation" is about covering my face and/or hair a bit while by the pool. My fine hair tends to flatten out, and I prefer to wear a hat or scarf while by the pool now. I love this look from Pinterest and need to dig around for a similar scarf that I have and practice my tying skills.

When I turned 30, I finally gave up trying to dress like everyone else when it comes to what season you all think it is versus what I think it is. For me, it's almost always cold. I'm almost always colder than everyone else, and I gave up grinning and bearing it around age 30. Now, I pack ahead with layers for restaurants and casinos and shows with layers that I like instead of getting stuck in a VEGAS sweatshirt purchased in desperation on the Strip.

Sunscreen! Lotion! Vitamins! How we've grown, right? And books, always books. After law school I finally read books for pleasure again, and it's the best.

I'm packing Tiny Beautiful Things, The Confidence Code, and Centered Leadership, and I'll buy some magazines (my favorite vacation indulgence) when those run out.  

And just for nostalgia's sake, here I was with my best friend in the world, aged approximately 22 or 23, and, yes, still wearing black. I don't dress up and root for the Eagles anymore, but she's still my best friend, I still want to wrap my head up, and some things never change!

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