Saturday, January 25, 2014

Allison from The Golden Sycamore

Allison from The Golden Sycamore

I recently had a virtual personal styling session with Allison from The Golden Sycamore. I reached out to her after falling in love with her blog-her home! her color choices for painted furniture! her projects!-last fall. She's a busy mom (that's redundant!), and I had the sense that she might enjoy a style pick-me-up and some girl time spent "together." 

Here's some of what she had to say about our time together and a few sneak peek pictures from her blog! 

A few months ago, Marian (aka Miss Mustard Seed) shared her styling date with Ella from Start Close In.  When I read her post, I felt that tugging.  I felt like I needed to do this for myself, too.  I haven’t felt stylish since before I had kids and I just needed a little help.
But Ella lives on the east coast, how would she be able to help me from all the way over there?
Well maybe I could look for someone local who could help me out?
But, really, when am I going to make the time for that when I can barely get myself to make hair appointments!

And then one day, out of the blue, Ella emailed me!  She said she’d found my blog last fall and wanted to know if I’d like to set up a virtual styling appointment!  I was thrilled to say the least!  This could work with the help of technology! 
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  1. Okay, that is a great styling session . Love it.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Ella! I really enjoyed our session! :)